Where will I find the cheapest homes in New Zealand?

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1 – Whanganui, North Island
According to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ), New Zealand’s median property price is NZ$597,000 (£295,000) in October 2019. This is an increase of 6.8% over the past year. Auckland remains the priciest spot in the country, with a median price of just under $850,000. However, outside of the city, there are real bargains located in some of New Zealand’s most scenic destinations. To let you in on where those bargains are, today we’re running through five places to find the cheapest homes in New Zealand.

2 – Greymouth, West Coast, South Island
The REINZ report states that the average property price in Manawatu/ Whanganui region is $330,000. Three-bedroom houses with decent gardens in central locations start at $269,000.

3 – Gisborne, North Island
If you enjoy getting a good start on the day, there’s no better spot in New Zealand than Gisborne – the first city in the world to greet the sun each morning! Also, this area is best-known for wineries, surf beaches, great food and rich indigenous culture. Kaiti Beach is the site of Captain Cook’s first landing in New Zealand all the way back in 1769. Chardonnay lovers, hold onto your hats – Gisborne is also the unofficial ‘Chardonnay Capital of New Zealand’!

Typical prices
The median price in Gisborne is $330,000. Four-bed properties with ocean views start from $369,000.

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