Tenant Services in Auckland


At Link Property Management, we know what makes a good rental agreement. It is where all those involved are respected and where the property is respected too. This is in addition to both landlord and tenant feeling satisfied and happy with the tenancy.

Our object is to create the above situation in every tenancy agreement we manage, delivering the best outcome for everyone.

As a result, we have carefully developed our tenant services to ensure there is clear communication where everyone knows what is expected. We want you to have the information you need, and we'll respond quickly to your requests so you can live comfortably in your rented home.

This starts with the process of finding a home and applying to become a tenant. We make this process as smooth as possible, showing you the property in person and helping you complete the application form with all the information we need to conduct our checks.

The rental agreements we put in place follow the requirements of the Rental Tenancies Act, plus we help the landlords on our books keep their properties in a condition that meets all regulatory standards.

During your tenancy, you will deal with us to make the process as simple as possible. This includes paying your rent, facilitating inspections, and making maintenance requests.

In a rental agreement, we all have responsibilities. Our responsibility at Link Property Management is to provide the best possible landlord and tenant services. Our landlords have a responsibility for ensuring the properties they own are compliant with all rules and regulations, including the healthy homes standards.

You have responsibilities too, including making sure you pay your rent and keeping the property in good condition.


What You Can Expect

    At Link Property Management, we work with a select group of landlords providing a range of residential properties for rent in the Auckland area. As a tenant, here is what you can expect from our tenant services:

  • Fair and open process for handling your tenancy application and conducting our vetting checks
  • Help with finding you a property that meets your requirements
  • Fast response to queries and requests, including maintenance requests
  • An understanding that the house you rent is home to you and your family

Helping Find Your Ideal Rental Property

If you can't find the house you want to rent in our current listings, please get in touch with us. New homes regularly become available and they are usually in demand because of the quality of our properties and the services we provide. By knowing what you are looking for in advance, we'll be able to let you know when suitable houses are about to come onto the market.