Our Property Management Expertise


At Link Property Management, we have developed our services to be different from the competition. After all, you probably wouldn't be here right now if you wanted the same standard of service that is delivered by almost all other property management companies. Specifically, we don't like the way that other property management companies offer as many services as the can, including estate agent and letting agent services, as well as cramming their books with as many landlord clients as possible.

In these situations, you are just a number on their client list. You will most likely deal with a different person every time there is contact, and the standard of service will vary greatly. Plus, you can expect little more than the bare minimum in terms of looking after your tenants or the properties in your portfolio. Furthermore, the fewer properties you have to rent, the more likely the above is to be true.


At Link Property Management, we focus only on property management. As a result, we can commit the time and resources to make our services as good as possible. In addition, we work with far fewer landlords than many of our competitors, opting for higher quality clients rather than going for quantity. We have a settled and highly respected team as well.

As a result, you'll receive a consistent standard of service delivered by property professionals who you will get to know.

We'll Look After Your Tenants, Property,
and Wider Property Investment Interests


Finding Good, Reliable Tenants

  • We have a track record of success finding suitable and reliable tenants for our clients
  • Our advertising and marketing processes work
  • We have robust and highly effective vetting procedures where we conduct thorough checks
  • The above includes conducting third-party checks and manually checking references
  • Once the vetting process is complete, we'll present you with information to make the final decision

Starting New Tenancy Agreements Professionally

  • We understand the importance of getting new tenancy agreements started on a positive and professional basis
  • We are open, honest, and direct with new tenants to ensure they fully understand their responsibilities
  • We'll create a customised tenancy agreement that complies with the Rental Tenancies Act
  • Bonds are collected and lodged as required by law
  • We'll also collect the agreed deposit
  • We'll conduct a start of tenancy inspection with the new tenant

Proactive Tenancy Agreement Management

  • Regular collection of rents and payment to your bank account
  • Fast and effective procedures for dealing with rent arrears
  • Maintaining accurate financial records and sending you regular reports
  • Answering queries from tenants and being the main point of contact
  • Receiving and processing maintenance requests including appointing contractors to complete the work
  • Keeping you informed of all relevant information in relation to your property and tenancy agreement
  • Conducting regular inspections of the property
  • Handling disputes and representing you in correspondence with tribunals and in tribunal hearings

Managing Your Property & Maximising Your Investment

  • Ensuring all maintenance work is completed cost-effectively by qualified and skilled contractors
  • Giving you expert advice on maximising rental incomes
  • Paying outgoings such as rates
  • Completing and lodging insurance claims
  • Giving you expert advice to ensure your properties meet relevant standards, including the Healthy Homes Standards
  • Conducting rental appraisals and rent reviews during tenancies to ensure you are receiving the best rate
  • Monitoring whether tenants are properly looking after your property