Comprehensive Landlord
Services in Auckland


At Link Property Management, we make owning residential rental properties hassle-free while also ensuring the landlords on our books get maximum return on their investments. We handle everything too, including finding and securing fantastic tenants and putting in place rental agreements.

During tenancies, we'll handle all tenant requests, we'll manage maintenance issues, and we'll conduct regular property inspections.

What You Can Expect from Our Landlord and Property Management Services

  • Expertise in the industry and knowledge of the local rental market
  • Effective rental property marketing processes
  • Thorough tenant vetting procedures
  • Rental agreements that comply with the Rental Tenancies Act
  • Reliable team of tradespeople and handymen for maintenance work
  • Robust procedures for dealing with rent arrears
  • Prompt payment of rents to your bank account and regular reports

Whether you want to spend more time investing in properties rather than managing them, or if you are too busy or are otherwise unable to deal with tenants, contact us. You should also contact us if you've had a bad experience with a previous property management company.

We'll Work Hard in Your Interests

Our landlord services stand out from the competition as we are completely focused on delivering a hassle-free service.

We are also focused on maximising not only the rental income you earn, but also the overall return you achieve on your property investment.

This applies whether you have multiple properties in your portfolio or just one.

We are proactive too, plus we offer a personal service. This means we'll give you advice on how various changes in the market and the law will potentially impact your investments and income.

We also believe in keeping our fees easy to understand. This makes budgeting easier, as well as ensuring consistency in your rental returns.

Our team will take the time to get to know you, the investment properties you own, and your short and long-term objectives. We'll then align our services according to your needs.


We Offer Landlord Services and Property Management,
But Not As You Know It

Are you thinking of changing to a new property management company?

  • We stay small by limiting the landlords on our books to ensure we deliver a personal service.
  • Our extensive experience and knowledge in the industry keep that service at a level that is the best in the industry.
  • We’ll customise our services according to your requirements.
  • Our fee structure is straightforward and easy to understand, as well as being competitively priced.

Are you hiring a property management company for the first time?

If you have invested in a new residential property that you want to rent, or your circumstances have changed and you now need to rent out your home, we can help at Link Property Management. We have experience providing best in class services to landlords in a range of situations, including landlords that live and work overseas for extended periods of time in addition to landlords who don't want to deal with tenants or are too busy to look after the day-to-day work of property management.

Our Comprehensive Range of Landlord Services

  • Rental appraisals to keep your rents at the right price
  • Expert advice on the rental market in Auckland
  • Expert advice on areas of law that affect your portfolio
  • Expert advice on maximising rent for your property
  • Expert advice on achieving maximum returns on investment
  • Effective marketing procedures to find new tenants
  • Comprehensive tenant screening and pre-selection
  • Fair and effective rental agreements
  • New tenancy property inspections
  • Looking after tenant enquiries
  • Collecting rents and ensuring rents are paid on-time
  • Paying rents into your bank account regularly
  • Regular inspections during the tenancy
  • Dealing with maintenance requests
  • Ensuring all maintenance work is up to standard
  • Resolving rent arrears situations quickly and effectively
  • Dealing with tenancy disputes, including at tribunal
  • Conducting end of tenancy inspections