Frequeny Ask Questions

The first thing you should do is get in contact so we can find out more about you, your rental properties, and your objectives. You’ll also be able to find out more about us. We can then both decide if it’s a good fit.

Another thing you’ll need to consider is the contract you have with your current property manager. If you are ending it early, for example, there might be a fee, although we might be able to able with this.

At Link Property Management, we don’t aim for high numbers of clients. Instead, we work with a small group of clients, delivering a personal level of service customised to your needs. This is what really sets us apart from our competition.

The first thing is to make sure you strike a balance between the rent you charge and the expected vacancy period. After all, it doesn’t make sense to set a rent amount that leaves your property vacant for an extended period of time while you find the right tenant.

In terms of maximising the potential of your rental property, we’ll be able to give you specific advice.

In general, make sure you effectively maintain your property while also listening to feedback from existing tenants. If there is something an existing tenant doesn’t like, you can be fairly sure other tenants will feel the same.

For a start, we only offer property management and letting services – we leave estate agency services to the estate agents.

We also have a smaller client list than the larger companies in our industry, enabling us to offer a more personal standard of service.

Also, property management isn’t just theory for us. We own properties ourselves, so we know what it takes to maximise your investment.

Finally, we are open, honest, and fully committed to delivering the best possible service.

Look, it happens, even with the best management systems and procedures in place. We keep issues to a minimum, but we also have robust processes to deal with them quickly when they arise. This includes dealing with rent arrears immediately as well as conducting regular inspections of your property to ensure it is in good condition. We’ll also handle disputes on your behalf, we’ll look after correspondence with tribunals, and we can represent you at hearings.

You can. You won’t benefit from our expertise in everything from setting the right rents to ensuring your properties comply with legislation to dealing with maintenance issues. Plus, you’ll need to spend time dealing with tenants and other property management issues – time that you could more effectively use doing other things.

When you appoint us, our fees will contribute to the growth of your rental income and the value of your investments, rather than being a cost.

Our advice is yes. However, it’s important to check the insurance cover you have to ensure it meets your requirements. We can help with this.